New IDDSI descriptors

IDDSI Descriptors

Dining with Dignity are please to announce that we are now offering training on the IDDSI descriptors which come into implementation in April 2019.

This a a new world-wide standard for dysphagia support and will replace the current UK National Descriptors. Anyone that provides meals and support for those with dysphagia should consider training over the next eight months to keep to the date and to keep the food safe and appealing.

Gary Brailsford – owner of Dining with Dignity says “The new IDDSI descriptors are straightforward in regards to food preparation and most kitchens will find them easier to comply with than the current ones. We offer a variety of training courses to meet the needs of all types of kitchens”.


IDDSI Descriptors

IDDSI descriptors

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Monthly Training for Bristol City Care Homes

Textured modifed diet training

Care homes across Bristol were given the opportunity to attend Textured Modified Diet training arranged and paid for by Medicines Management Team – NHS Bristol Clinical Commissioning Group.

Staff were invited to attend a day session ran by Gary Brailsford from Dining with Dignity and Sharon Sexton a Specialist Dietitian. The morning theory session covered nutrition, fortification and presentation of meals.

A practical session followed in the afternoon. Working in pairs staff cut and blended food as per National Descriptors and presented the meals showing techniques they had learnt.

Gary commented: “The finished meals looked amazing – I’m thrilled to be helping these staff make a difference”.

The training is ongoing in 2017.

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Swallowing Awareness Day

Swalling awareness day

Held in Winter 2016 in LLandough University Hospital, Cardiff.

All care roles were invited to this special event to raise awareness of swallowing difficulties and how to deal with them.

Gary gave a chef’s perspective around the theory, the issues and how to overcome them. The day included demonstration workshops where Gary showed food presentation techniques, correct procedure of thickening fluids and the importance of precision and safety.

The day also had sessions from speech and language therapists, an oral hygienist and dietitians.

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North Yorkshire nursing homes embrace training

Dining with Dignity were asked to deliver a training session for Texture Modified Diets to 26 Chefs in North Yorkshire.

This took place in conjunction with the Speech and Language therapists from North Yorkshire (Scarborough hospital) and Nestle Healthcare Science. It was held at Dunollie Nursing Home, run by the Embrace group in Scarborough. The Scarborough News was present to witness the event and to take photographs. The training was to go through the National Descriptors, looking at consistencies and presentation techniques. The chefs were also treated to a tasting session of a de-constructed Black Forest Gateaux for descriptor C, which went down very well. After a theory session there was a feeding workshop followed by a practical hands on session to show how to get to the correct consistency and how to present the meal for service. The training went down very well with some fantastic feedback from the Chefs.

Training attended by Gary Brailsford, Tanya Wood, Lianne Ridgway, Kira Lumb, Louise Brown and Carol Lowe.

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