Don’t miss your opportunity to join the IDDSI Training UK Roadshow

Friday 19 October 2018, St Monica Trust, Bristol

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Dining with Dignity provides complete training for chefs, catering teams, housekeepers, care home managers, carers, registered nurses, activity coordinators or anyone who could be involved in the preparation, cooking and delivery of food to residents at risk.

The training has specific learning outcomes for all individual teams, including practical demonstrations and advice for the kitchen staff to include preparation, cooking and presentation of meals.

The training includes a workshop with group participation around the delivery of the meal service, and understanding the importance of the dining experience in relation to meeting of individual nutrition and hydration needs.

Why the training?

  • Are you providing Texture Modified Diets to individuals in your care?
  • Do you have complaints from residents or family members about the quality/taste/appearance of texture modified diets? Are you unhappy with the presentation of Texture Modified Diets that you currently provide?
  • Are you worried that residents may be at risk of choking or malnutrition because of inconsistencies in the preparation of textured diets?
  • Are you concerned that you can evidence you are meeting the CQC requirements (meeting the individuals dietary needs-special diets).
  • Do you want to improve both the nutritional content and appearance of meals provided to your residents?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions,
you need the training.